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A Universal, unique, and unconventional way of thinking that transforms the approach to fighting cancer and saving lives.

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Our Partners

Mirna Herr

Founder and Co-Partner

Mirna Herr serves as a Partner and Co-Founder at Virtus Partners, LLC. Over the course of her career, she has cultivated a diverse set of entrepreneurial skills that she is eager to apply towards enhancing the business management aspects of The U Foundation. With a proven track record of success, Mirna brings a strategic mindset and a wealth of experience to her role, poised to contribute significantly to the foundation’s growth and impact.

Dr. Mothaffar Rimawi


Dr. Mothaffar Rimawi is an accomplished medical oncologist with a passion for research and improving patient care. His research focuses on the translation of laboratory findings to clinical treatment, ultimately taking those clinical findings back to the lab to study them with other scientists. Armed with a wealth of scientific expertise and an unwavering commitment to advancing human health, Dr. Rimawi endeavors to leverage The U Foundation as a platform to amplify his efforts in advancing and refining cancer treatments, thereby making impactful strides towards improved patient outcomes.

Together, our partners bring a science mentality to business,

and a business mentality to science.

Our Mission

The U Foundation was founded in 2018 by professionals with medical, scientific, and business backgrounds to drive cancer research, prevention, and clinical care. At our core, we embody the principles of being Universal, Unique, and Unconventional.

Cancer knows no boundaries, and neither do we. The U Foundation aims to support projects that transcend specific tumor types, introducing innovative methodologies and optimizing access and treatment costs globally.

We believe in standing out, exploring untrodden paths, and embracing the extraordinary. Our initiatives focus on addressing unique problems or using unique approaches to cancer research, ensuring that our impact is distinctive and memorable.


Breaking free from the ordinary, we challenge norms to spark transformative advancements in cancer care. Whether it be groundbreaking methodologies, high-risk/high-reward projects, or unconventional approaches, we redefine what’s possible.

Our Fundraising Philosophy - Scientific Return on Investment

We recognize the importance of meaningful outcomes.

Every dollar invested in The U Foundation yields not just financial returns but, more importantly, tangible progress in cancer research, prevention, and clinical care. We measure success not only in financial terms but in the lives impacted and the advancements realized.